Revision of the national environment strategy of the Kingdom of BhutanGroup-photos NES-Task-Force

On 24 December 2013, a kick-off meeting took place of the new Taskforce (picture) which will be responsible for the revision of the 1998 National Environment Strategy (NES), 'The Middle Path', of Bhutan. This strategy has guided Bhutan's development paradigm since 1998 with regard to environmental safeguards and development. More recently, Gross national Happiness principles along with the adoption of the Constitution of Bhutan in 2008, have broadened the scope. In 2009, the royal government also issued a declaration of carbon neutrality, and in 2010 an Economic Development Policy which promotes "green growth" was presented. PS4SD's Inge Niestroy and Louis Meuleman volonteered to assist the start-up of the revision process between 21 December 2013 and 4 January 2014. 


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The TransGov project at IASS, Potsdam, Germany

In december 2009, the opening workshop of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies in Potsdam, founded by prof. dr. Klaus Toepfer, concluded that sustainability governance would be the first theme to work on. Several months later, the project started and 4 post-doc fellows were found. Together with them and the TransGov Steering Group (Klaus Toepfer, Louis Meuleman (project director), Roel in 't Veld and Guenther Bachmann) it was the first team profiting from the inspiring transdisciplinary environment the IASS offers. After a bit more than one year, two publications were completed:The final report, which was presented in November 2011 in Berlin (and in December 2011 in Brussels and March 2012 in New York) and the edited background book (October 2012). Both publications are - as they should be in line with the inclusiness of sustainable development - accessible to all by free download (see the section on this website on Transgovernance).