Authored and edited books 


(2012) Transgovernance: Advancing Sustainability Governance 


Louis Meuleman (Ed.) Heidelberg: Springer Verlag (319 pp)

'Transgovernance: Advancing Sustainability Governance', the second publication on transgovernance of the IASS institute in Potsdam, Germany, gives the sustainability governance debate a new context and provides background think pieces against which the first transgovernance report (2011) emerged.

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(2012) European Union, Governance and Sustainability 

English (UK) Bitzer, V., Cörvers, R., Glasbergen, P. and Niestroy, I. (eds.), Open University in the Netherlands, 427 pp. 

Textbook containing contributions of many leading scholars, introducing the state of thinking on governance and sustainability in the context of the European Union, including a chapter by co-editor Inge Niestroy on national sustainable development strategies.

(2011) Transgovernance: The Quest for Governance of Sustainable Development

Rtransgovquestoeland J. in ‘t Veld. Potsdam: IASS. Project director: Louis Meuleman

This report is the first result of the project ‘Science for Sustainable Transformations: Towards Effective Governance’ of the Institute for Advanced Sustsinability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany. 



(2011) Management in Beweging (Management in Transition)

mgt in beweging small

Edward Karssing, Hans Bossert and Louis Meuleman (Eds.) (in Dutch)

This book presents important developments in the management of the public sector, in 20 chapters written by lecturers of Nyenrode Business University (Breukelen, the Netherlands). 


(2009) Sustainable development and the Governance of long-term Decisions

Louis Meuleman and Roeland J. in ‘t Veld. RMNO Preliminary Study V.19 (2009) & EEAC Working Group Governance.

We tend to neglect long term futures. Humans seem to be “hard wired” to ignoring long term threats but are very sensitive to immediate dangers. This study analyses what is necessary in order to tackle the challenges of the context of sustainable development, taking a broad ´governance´ perspective.



(2008) Social CBA for Environmental Policy-Making

socialcba2008-rmnoAart de Zeeuw, Roel in ’t Veld, Daan van Soest, Louis Meuleman and Paul Hoogewoning (2008). Preliminary studies and background studies, number V.14 (2008). The Hague: RMNO.

This book reviews the theoretical literature and the current debate on the valuation of environmental goods and services, on the discounting of future benefits and costs, and on how social cost benefit analysis (SCBAs) can be integrated in the policy and decisionmaking process. It is concluded that SCBA can be a good decision support method in environmental policy-making if it is transparent and if all impacts are taken into account.



(2005) Sustaining Sustainability: A benchmark study on national strategies towards sustainable development and the impact of councils in nine EU member states.

Ingeborg niestriy 2005 sust sustNiestroy

This study provides an inside story on the state of the art of national strategies and processes for SD in nine EU member states. It focuses on the governance of sustainability including horizontal and vertical coordination, and the links between government and non-governmental actors. It particularly explores the role of advisory councils for sustainable development and environmental policy, how they operate and contribute to the creation of effective national SD strategies. 

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(2003) The Pegasus Principle (2003)

Louis Meuleman, Utrecht: Lemma

This book argues that in many countries the public sector is experiencing a crisis around its credibility. Based on his experiences in the public sector in the Netherlands, the author describes the important role process managers have in helping to transform public sector organisations into credible and productive partners in society. Download.


(2003) Environmental Governance in Europe

Louis Meuleman, Ingeborg Niestroy and Christian Hey (Eds.). Background Study and Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference, Florence 2003. RMNO/ EEAC series, Background Study n.1,  the Hague, 2003

This book combines the proceedings of the 11th EEAC Annual Conference of EEAC and RMNO with the European University Institute in Florence, the joint EEAC work there, and advice of individual EEAC councils and staff. Some contributions emphasise more the potential of self-regulatory approaches, while others emphasise the strengths of a state-centered approach. There is however a strong consensus that the governance debate should not lead to substitution of one approach by another, but to broadening the spectrum of options. Download book