Sustaining Sustainability - a benchmark study on national strategies towards sustainable development and the impact of councils in nine EU member states (2005)

Ingeborg Niestroy. RMNO/EEAC Study 

The study provides an inside story on the state of the art of national strategies and processes for SD in nine EU member states. It focuses on the governance of sustainability including horizontal and vertical coordination, and the links between government and non-governmental actors. It particularly explores the role of advisory councils for sustainable development and environmental policy, how they operate and contribute to the creation of effective national SD strategies, and to their implementation and monitoring, how they foster stakeholder dialogue, and how they help to bridge the various gaps between different actors on sustainability issues.

The study identifies key achievements and challenges in the individual countries, provides a comparative analysis, and proposes ways for improvement. It also identifies ways for strengthening linkages between national SD strategies and the EU SDS. 

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