(2015) Governance Approaches and Tools for SD Integration

English (UK) On request of UN DESA, Inge wrote a paper on good practice at national level as regards governance approaches and tools for Sustainable Development Integration (SDI). The paper presents key steps to take for translating the UN SD Goals (SDGs) in national policies and processes. It is the first paper linking implementation of the SDGs concretely to different cultural characteristics of countries. Five conclusions are drawn:

  1. Governance approaches for SDI must be applied in context
  2. Insights in the national cultures are useful for understanding the governance environment
  3. Understanding the governance environment as "starting point" is a prerequisite for applying governance approaches and SDI tools
  4. Making SDI context-sensitive and fit-for-purpose can benefit from using a metagovernance approach 
  5. Stock-taking of governance environment & tradition in countries is urgent

Download the full paper (November 2015) here

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