PublicStrategy for Sustainable Development is a thinktank and an advisory network. In the tradition of professional networks, we like to work with those who challenge us to develop the best ideas. We are proud to present here some of the best global experts in the field of sustainability governance as associates of PS4SD.

Jan-Gustav Strandenaes


Jan-Gustav had his debut with the UN and the environment in the 1970s through the Stockholm Conference for Environment in 1972 and has stayed with this arena ever since, worked on disseminating information on and teaching about UN issues during the 80s and early 90s, has followed and worked with the UN Commission for Sustainable Development since 1997, when he that year, was a liaison officer between the UN and the NGO community at the UN headquarters in New York. After his first assignments for the UN in Latin America in the 70’s, Jan-Gustav has worked and lived in Botswana, Uganda, the US and Sweden in addition to Norway. He has extensive NGO experience developed through three decades in almost all continents in the world, speaks several languages and has lectured and given workshops all over the world on the UN, governance, the environment and sustainable development, evaluated projects and organisations, advised governments on relations with civil society, chaired UN meetings and facilitated UN processes, translated several books from English to Norwegian and authored two books and numerous articles on the environment and sustainable development. He serves on a global civil society committee for UNEP and was the global UN CSD NGO Co-Organising Partner coordinating global NGO input into the UN CSD process and into preparatory process for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development organised in 2012 in Brazil. Jan-Gustav joined Stakeholder Forum in London in 2011. While also operating as a free-lance adviser, Jan-Gustav is part time employed by the Brussels-based, international NGO, ANPED, as their Policy Adviser, advices on CSR issues for a private sector think tank in Norway, but works out of his home outside Oslo, Norway, when he is not travelling the world, writing, lecturing or otherwise working abroad on environment, governance and sustainability issues while observing and writing on political behaviour.

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Roeland J. in 't Veld

Prof. Dr. Roeland J. in ’t Veld is professor of Governance and Sustainability at the University of Tilburg. Moreover he chairs a number of national and international research programmes and societal organisations. Roel in ’t Veld has editorial responsibility for a wide range of publications, including works on process management and the Handbook on ‘Corporate Governance’ as well as Knowledge Democracy.

During 15 years Roel in ’t Veld was Chair of the Advisory Council for Research on Spatial Planning, Nature and the Environment (RMNO) in the Hague and has held such positions as Director-General for Higher Education and Scientific Research at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Secretary of State for Education and Science and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Railway Infraprovider, as well as IBM. He fulfilled duties as a professor at seven European universities. He served as an advisor of the World Bank, OECD and the Council of Europe. He was also Dean of the Netherlands School for Public Administration, Rector of SIOO, the Interuniversity Centre for Development in the field of Organisation and Change Management. Roeland in ’t Veld was member of the IASS TransGov Steering group. More on

New: Roeland in 't Veld presented his oration as UNESCO professor Governance of Sustainability at Tilburg University (NL) on 7 February 2014. Download pdf here (in Dutch)Transgovernance - Duurzame ontwikkeling in een kennisdemocratie(Transgovernance - Sustainable Development in a knowledge democracy).

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